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A Perfect Port Pairing

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by Robert Trottmann

The Assignment: To pair Ledger David Cellars 2010 Tempranillo Port with Rogue Creamery Oregonzola, and Lilli Belle’s Bean to Bar “PURPLE HAZE” 75% Cacao Chocolate.

Folks, this is rough. I’ve been asked to do some real heavy hauling here with this unusual pairing. Stick with me, it’s worth it.

First, the “Procurement” of materials: It’s the spring of 2013, and Lena lets me in on our Blogging schedule for the next few months. My work assignment (call it what you want) is to “analyze” the pairing of sweet and savory treats supplied by our neighbors The Rogue Creamery and LilliBelle Chocolates, teamed up with our 2010 Tempranillo Port for our April blog post. Mind you, I am game for this challenge in spite of the fact it’s going to be my weekend…remember folks this is work. How many people in this world work for someone who tells you that part of your work assignment is to go grab a wedge of world class cheese, a bar of world class chocolate and a bottle world class dessert wine and then go through the exercise of describing your experience tasting these together and sharing your thoughts on the experience? Am I in heaven? Yes, or at least pretty close.

When I finally get down working it’s Sunday afternoon, partly cloudy in the Applegate Valley where I live and I have to tell you with the sunshine, 50 degrees is simply perfect for what I am about to undertake.

The first order of business is to take some pictures of the booty I’ve carefully hauled home for my “work”. This creative endeavor was pleasure enough without even tasting the loot. I’ve shared a few of the photos with you here to further tempt you into a taste of this trio. The real delight though is in the tasting.

Now that the pictures, are taken it was time to put these three singularly excellent treats together to see what happens. First, the flat bread for me is just a vehicle and any neutral cracker with a nice thinness and crunch would be fine. The Oregonzola is my current favorite from the Rogue Creamery, though that is like picking your favorite color when you’re a painter. It has a wonderful sweetness and softness that shines with the chocolate and the wine. The Purple Haze Bean to Bar with 75% cacao is dark yet soft and velvety. The Tempranillo Port has notes of vanilla, spice, cedar and leather that balance so well with the cheese and chocolate. This unlikely pairing is a wonderful surprise.

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